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Bob & Mel Ghricke 1940 Ford Super Deluxe Woody

This Strong Heartbeat is a Flathead City 49/53 286 ci Flatty with Flathead City's Advance Technology Cylinder Heads.

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Our Cylinder Heads are made with 6061 T6 Aircraft grade billet aluminum. The water passages are made using plastic injection mold technology. Our Cylinder Heads are 100% CNC machined to CAD Master. All critical machining is done on American made Monarch CNC 4 axis machining center, programed with BobCad V30. The water passages are 100% accessible for cleaning. These very special cylinder heads are made with pride in the great state of Texas. Our special cylinder heads ARE NOT CAST aluminum. They are 100% Billet.

* Heads fit Ford Flathead V/8 from 1939 to 1953, 24 studs.

* All water outlets are in the center of head where they belong. Easy to adapt to 49-53 water hose’s and radiators.

* Spark plug threads have been raised for Big Cam clearance at valve.

* Extra high Fins allow for more air flowing over the Heads.

* Heads hold more water for better cooling.

* Tests show our heads lower engine temperature considerably.

* Better combustion chamber design for maximum airflow. Will add horsepower to your engine.

* Heads flows more water than any other cylinder heads on the market— Test have been made.

* Heads take a 14mm 3/4 reach spark plug- Champion RC12YC or RC14YC, use anti-seize

* Heads come with 65cc or 74cc combustion chambers- Supercharge or Blower Heads are a special order.

* Heads have a 3 year limited warranty.



For technical information call Gary @ 541-660-7608



CALL (541) 660-7608 for more information, order.

Coming soon:

Aluminum Billet Pullys for all years

Aluminum front cam covers for all years

Aluminum Billet rear breather

Aluminum Billet intake manifolds, single carb, 4BBl, 2x2, 3x2, 4x2