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I started out with this worn out 1949 8BA flathead engine. The list below represents what was completed to ensure quality and performance.

Boil and Clean

Bore Block .040

Deck Block

Deck Top of Block

Deck Intake Manifold

Resurface Cylinder Heads

Line Bore Block

Cam Bore Block

Grind Crankshaft

Rebuild Connecting Rods

Install New Cam Bearings

Install New Valve Seats

Three Angle Valve Grind

Balance Rotating Assembly

New Piston and Rings

New Main and Rod Bearings

New Valve Guides

New Stainless Steel Valves

New Adjustable Lifters

New ISKY Valve Springs

New ISKY Camshaft

Degree Camshaft

New Cam and Crank Gears

New Oil Pump

New Sump Screen

New Head Bolts

New Gaskets and Seals

New Water Pumps

New Fuel Pump

Updated Distributor to Electronic

Assembled Engine and Checked all Clearances